ANA Patriot Squadron

Officers and 501c3 Directors

Commanding Officer* Corporation President William Sargent Director
Executive Officer* Corporation Vice President Steve Cohn
Comptroller* Corporation Treasurer Wally Massenburg Director
Administration Officer*  Corporation Clerk Gene Sich Director
Operations Officer Corporation Organizer Anne LaSalvia
Membership Officer Membership Wally Massenburg
Public Affairs Officer* PAO Marc Frattasio (Interim)
Judge Advocate Legal Advisor Joseph Muise
Chaplain Religious Advisor Mary Jean Hickey
Flight Surgeon Medical Advisor Walter McLean
Master At Arms Frank Ward
Memorial Grove Officers Memorial Grove Maintenance Jim Crone
Open (Assistant)
Museum Committee Museum Operations Peter Jardim
Steve Cohn
Administrative Assistants Bob Muise
Liason Officer Squadron Representative William Sargent
Small Stores Officer Internet Sales Anne LaSalvia

* Must be a current member of the Association of Naval Aviation.

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